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Long Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser Hair Reduction

The Ideal Laser For Coloured Skin Hair Removal
The Laser That Treats All Skin Types

The Long Pulse Nd: YAG laser is the hair reduction laser of choice for people with dark skin tones. Its long pulse wave enables its efficacy and makes it ideal for removing hair from larger areas, e.g., the chest, abdomen, back and legs.

The Long Pulse Nd: Yag laser provides the newest technique of laser hair removal. Its biggest advantage is that it works well and is effective on all Fitzpatrick skin types I to VI - from the whitest to the darkest skin, including all the variations of coloured skin.


The Long Pulse Nd: Yag laser penetrates deeper into the skin layers to reach the hair follicles - something, which the IPL systems can't do.

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Our Long Pulse Nd Yag laser (Alma Lasers) utilizes a special patented cooling system that lowers the skin temperature at the treatment site before, during and after laser exposure.

It's almost painless.  No local anaesthesia or pain medications are required, but for more sensitive areas, like the intimate zones, a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment. 

Now, both men and women can achieve permanent hair reduction through laser hair removal. 

The key to effective hair removal is twofold:

  1. Your skin and hair type must be matched with the proper medical laser.

  2. The person performing your hair removal must have adequate medical training and sufficient experience in its use. 


At our clinic, all laser hair removal procedures are carried out by our medical consultant who is a world-leading expert in laser medicine and surgery with more than 35 years of experience and is a Founding Member of the International Academy of Laser Medicine and Surgery.

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