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  1. Enquire about the treatment that promptly interests you.

  2. Please note that prices for treatment are given on some web pages wherever possible. Suppose you don't find prices on some web pages. In that case, this means you'd need to go through a consultation with our medico-aesthetic consultant for a proper assessment of your present condition, after which you will be given recommendations about what needs to be done and how much your treatment(s) would cost after carefully considering all your wishes and needs. Thanks.

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V I P   L A S E R    C L I N I C   M E D   S P A 

P I O N E E R  &  L E A D E R   I N   A E S T H E T I C   M E D I C I N E   

T H E   F I R S T   M E D S P A   I N   M A U R I T I U S   &   T H E   I N D I A N   O C E A N

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