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Carbon Laser Peel

The  Celebrities' Skin Treatment For You!

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What is a Carbon Laser Peel?

At the VIP Laser Clinic, we perform the popular laser peeling treatment, the Carbon Laser Peel, with the use of a high powered Q-switched Nd: YAG laser system, Alma Lasers,  with the 1064 nm wavelength and a large spot size of the collimated applicator, that makes it an ideal modality for the laser-assisted carbon peel treatment.

The Carbon Laser Peel treatment consists of 3 steps:

  1. A medical-grade activated carbon lotion is applied to the skin of the entire face. The liquid carbon is allowed to penetrate the pores and dry over a period of 15 minutes.

  2. This dry carbon layer is then used as an exogenous artificial chromophore or photo-enhancer to increase the laser beam’s photothermal and photo-acoustic effects on the skin. The laser beam is first passed over the carbon layer to heat the latter and cause bonding with the skin.

  3. Then the laser beam is passed again, this time to cause the implosion of carbon particles, thus destroying the latter on the surface of the skin and within the pores. This helps to achieve multiple therapeutic and cosmetic effects on the treated skin - a deep skin resurfacing effect and immediate skin smoothing.  

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Practical Points
Regarding the Carbon Laser Peel Procedure

The Carbon Laser Peel procedure normally takes around one hour to perform.

There is no need for local anaesthesia as the procedure is painless. 

There is no downtime. You may return to your work or do your other activities after the procedure, except being exposed to the sun and strong heat.

After the Carbon Laser Peel procedure, specific medico-aesthetic products are applied to the treated skin to protect it and enhance its improvement.

The Carbon Laser Peel Procedure is recommended for treating fatty skin and active acne with an interval of two to four weeks. A maintenance treatment may be further recommended with an interval of 3 or more months, depending on your skin condition.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for patients with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, rough/uneven skin texture and acne.

The VIP Laser Clinic offers the original and professional Carbon Laser Peel with the application of the most advanced laser technologies from the world-leading laser company Alma Lasers.

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The Benefits Of Carbon Laser Peel 

The therapeutic and cosmetic effects on the treated skin are as follows:

  1. Smoothes rough and uneven skin texture by removing dead cells from the superficial skin surface (skin exfoliation).

  2. Unclogs and clear the pores from the sebum.

  3. Tightens the dilated pores.

  4. Kills and removes acne-causing bacteria, thus helping to treat moderate to severe acne.

  5. Shrinks the sebaceous glands, thus reducing sebum oil production and making the skin less oily (oil control),and consequently decreasing new acne development.

  6. Prevents future break-outs of acne.

  7. Stimulates collagen production.

  8. Decreases and eliminates hyperpigmentation - melasma,cafe-au-lait spots, lentigines, freckles, etc.

  9. Causes skin tightening and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hence causing skin rejuvenation.

  10. Causes skin lightening, improves skin tone and helps the skin acquire significant lustre.

Overall Benefits Of Carbon Laser Peel: 

  •    Immediate & Enhanced Results

  •    Lunchtime procedure

  •    Neat & Clean

  •    Non Invasive

  •    Completely Painless

  •    No side effects

  •    No downtime

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Price of Carbon Laser Peel

Price of one (1) session of Laser Carbon Peel: Rs 25,000

Price of a package of three (3) sessions of Laser Carbon Peel: Rs 22,500 x 3 = Rs 67,500

Price of a package of five (6) sessions: Rs 20,000 x 6 = Rs 120,000

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Dear visitor,

Please note that our Carbon Laser Peel treatment is very different from the Carbon Laser Peel treatment being offered at some beauty parlours at the cheap price of Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,300. Of course, you may always choose to go where you want as per your needs and budget.


But we need to point it out that we provide the highest level of efficacy, security, technical assistance, comfort and professionalism in our services in Mauritius.

First of all, for all our treatments we use some of the best lasers in the world. These lasers as well as the treatment methods used by us are all medically certified by the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), USA. Our lasers bear the trade mark of Alma Lasers, which is a leading laser-manufacturing company in the world. You may verify them on the Alma Lasers' main website Each of our lasers cost between four to seven million rupees, and we bear a high cost for the technical maintenance being carried out every six or twelve months by an engineer coming from abroad. Most local beauty parlours are using very cheap lasers costing between Rs 20,000 and Rs 250,000. Now, the other very important matter is whether these beauty parlours are doing a technical maintenance of their lasers in regard to recalibration, renovation and upgrading to keep their devices reliably operable. It is clear that there is a colossal difference not only in the equipment being used by us in comparison to others but also in the treatment results we offer to our patients.

Next, all our laser treatments are performed exclusively by our medical consultant who is specialized in aesthetic medicine & surgery and laser medicine & surgery is a world-known pioneer in laser medicine, has introduced medical and aesthetic lasers in Mauritius and several other countries, including India, and has got more than 35 years of experience in the field. If you really want highly professional services, you may enquire whether there are any specialized medical experts among the aestheticians and their assistants or working together with them in the beauty parlours. You may further enquire whether they really know what is a laser and how it works, and whether they have been medically certified for using lasers safely and effectively on human beings.

Further, our medical consultant recommends aesthetic products that have been all medically approved by the FDA. These products are imported by our company directly from the USA, the country of origin. Our medical consultant examines you, establishes his diagnosis, and explains to you everything regarding the treatment he proposes, its beneficial effects, its immediate effects and side effects if any. He further gives you the advice and precautions to be followed after each treatment session until your treatment is over. That's why your consultation will last around an hour. This explains why our consultations are not free of charge as any good service is not. Free consultations may be done elsewhere in a purely commercial attempt to pull in more clients. 

Finally, to be short, if you choose a Mercedes or a BMW or a Porsche or a Range Rover or a Tesla car or you are choosing a car that costs between Rs 50,000 and Rs 500,000, in both cases you have a car, but you cannot compare them by their prices only, but by the difference in their quality, beauty, comfort, safety, economy, manoeuvrability, engine power, among many other functions. 


So, we hope you can now make your choice diligently, and we thank you for your kind attention.


This note has been put here to explain to our visitors and potential patients who ask us several times in a day why there is such a big difference in our prices. So, we felt the need to put our explanation on our website about what's the real difference in our products which seem to bear similar names. It is in no way intended to discredit anyone or any beauty parlour's services. We all work and respect each other, and we need to give satisfaction to our patients or clients. 

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